So, who is Collide?

Collide is a tech and media developer focused on Videogames, VR and Digital Storytelling.

We offer both services and products. Under services, we mainly collaborate with development studios and publishers to assist in the development of their games or by running live operations for already published games. We also work with non-games industries, mainly for the development of turnkey products like experiences, gamification strategies and VR projects.

As for products, we are currently developing a multi-user, multi-platform framework for VR, allowing multiple users to interact with each other and the environment, all in the same virtual space. Like “The Matrix” but without the evil machines.

What can Collide do for you?

Right now, we can offer you high quality and lightning-fast development services for any project at hand. In the future? Everything!

Cutting it short: we can help you with your projects, working with your teams to develop the best possible projects for your clients. We like challenges, especially those that seem to come out of a sci-fi movie.

Why choose Collide?

Because we rock! Also, our experience in both ITC and Videogames industries gives us light-years in advance when compared to the majority of our competitors.
Our team has developed and published products that have made millions of dollars in direct revenue, and that have obtained more daily active users than the whole Portuguese population.

Our Managing Director

Tiago Loureiro is a 20+ year ITC industry professional, who has spent the last 13 developing videogames. He brought 8 Ball Pool from web to mobile while working at Miniclip as a Producer, a seamless transition that drove the app to #28 on the United States top-grossing Appstore chart, he also managed to get featured in the Unity newsletter for developing a “Minority Report”-like software that was used in the European Parliament for educational purposes.

Tiago has also been invited to lecture on many academic and training institutions, including media schools, universities and corporate training units, in both Iberian and Nordic regions.