Virtual Reality in the Modern World

Aaaaaand it’s been a while since our previous post – luckily we’re currently doing our best so that it doesn’t happen again, and because of that here’s a post from Bernardo Gomes, Marketing Assistant at Bold International (our lovely partners and shareholders).

Bernardo has been introduced to VR by us, and since then has not stopped talking about it, so why not challenge him to write about VR for our blog? Yeah, we also thought it would be great to have external collaborators to this area of our website, so that it’s not just our vison on the topics we address, and also to broaden the type of approach and opinions on the topics we feature.

So here goes!

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Shit! We’re lost…

Yeah! We’re going to Nordic Game. Again.

I’ve been going to Nordic for the past 4 years, and I hope to keep it going for 40 more. For me it’s the best industry conference/tradeshow in Europe, and probably the world. A place to meet old friends, and make some new ones too.

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