Iteration is a first-person, story driven, puzzler game in VR that makes the player explore a house while solving puzzles that defy the laws of physics and reality itself, while at the same time uncovering the plot behind his actions and very existence.


Reality Defying Puzzles

A house that is constantly changing and moving, inducing chaos and breaking reality’s rules in order to try and prevent any kind of escape. Endless halls, infinite looping corridors and portals are but some of the anomalies taking place in Iteration.


Subliminar Narrative and Journal

As a story driven experience, we ditched common narrative tools and adopted an indirect stance, exposing the story of the player and the world through the environment itself, like photo frames, phone calls, and lost journal pages, that can be collected and viewed at anytime.


Side Objectives

Optional puzzles that can range from simple interaction based challenges, to wholly different game experiences, like playing an arcade shooter on a VR headset, inside the game. By rewarding story exposition, we merge gameplay, narrative and exploration with these.


Interaction System

Most of the environment will be interactive, and many objects will be collectable. Of the collectible items, some are required for puzzle solving, others just are convenient to carry around, and many are just there to add to the setting.

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