Project Chatrooms

Project Chatrooms is a multiplayer, multiplatform framework that enables multiple users to connect to the same virtual space and interact with one another.

Key Features:

  • Hardware Agnostic – works with all VR hardware and even standalone Pc/Mac setup;
  • Game engine agnostic – works on top commercial game engines;
  • Multiplayer services agnostic;
  • Easily scalable and robust;
  • Plenty of physics simulation settings – from realistic to fully customized ones;
  • Support for haptic gear from designated providers – VRgluv, Subpac, Gloveone, ManusVR and more;
  • Easy to setup – quick to use.

Use Cases

We have been approached by a few companies to create an immersive meeting place for VR meetings that could, in part, substitute many physical meetings where company members need to travel from many different locations to the same place.

On the training area, one of our first VR proof of concept was a training simulation for private airline companies, targeted at ground and cabin crews personnel.

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