Project Chatrooms

What if you wanted to make that amazing videogame or create that engaging platform, all in VR and with multiplayer support, but you lack the technical expertise to do it?

This is where we’re trying to help you:

Democratize VR multiplayer development, allowing developers to use a low-cost and easy-to-setup framework that is able to fit their projects’ needs.

Project Chatrooms is a multiplayer, multiplatform framework that enables multiple users to connect to the same virtual space and interact with one another.

Key Features:

  • Hardware Agnostic – works with all VR hardware and even standalone Pc/Mac setup;
  • Game engine agnostic – works on top commercial game engines;
  • Multiplayer services agnostic;
  • Easily scalable and robust;
  • Plenty of physics simulation settings – from realistic to fully customized ones;
  • Support for haptic gear from designated providers – VRgluv, Subpac, Gloveone, ManusVR and more;
  • Easy to setup – quick to use.



From our experience in offering development services to other companies we have concluded that:

  • Most developers lack distributed systems development experience;
  • Multiplayer development is usually not considered due to the lack of specific knowledge of the development team;
  • VR projects are mainly developed as single player experiences.

Looking at the market we find that none of the most used multiplayer engines are offering VR specific solutions and that developers sometimes need to “reinvent the wheel” even if there may be a small handful of hacks or low grade solutions.

There is yet to exist a fully scalable multiplatform framework that developers can easily use to setup multiplayer VR projects.

This is what Project Chatrooms delivers.